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The word ‘Fforest’ means ‘Moorland’, and the Lodge took its name from Cefn Fforest Farm in Treharris , and this is where a petitioning order was made to the Grand Master for the formation of a new Lodge to be known as Fforest .

On 29th March 1895, a number of Brethren met at the Commercial Hotel for the purpose of discussing the formation of a new Lodge. The next meeting was held at the Navigation Hotel, Treharris, on 5th April 1895, where it was unanimously agreed that W Bro Colonel David R Lewis be designated the first Worshipful Master. He, however, declined the honour in favour of W Bro G F Harris.





It was agreed that the Lodge Initiation fee be set at £7 10s 0d (£7.50), and that the annual subscription be £1 10s 0d (£1.50). The cost of the Warrant or Charter of £10 0s 0d (£10) would be met by individual subscription of the Founders, and not as a charge on the Lodge itself. Certain expenses were incurred to meet the cost of alterations of the Lodge rooms etc. and this was met by a loan of £50 from Bro M.P. Morris on a promissory note at 5 per cent.

Other meetings were held in the Ocean Colliery office, a coffee tavern and the Bank Room. The task of sponsoring the new Lodge was undertaken by the LOYAL CAMBRIAN LODGE No 110, and a very close liaison has existed between the two Lodges ever since.

The Lodge was consecrated on 28th October 1896, and the event was fully reported in the Merthyr Express. The following is an extract from that report.





On Wednesday night the Provincial Grand Lodge of South Wales (Eastern Division) foregathered at the Public Hall, Treharris, for the purpose of Consecrating the new ‘Fforest Lodge No. 2606′, and the installing of, W Bro G F Harris, P.Pr.S.G.W., PM. 110 as Worshipful Master. The ceremony was announced to be conducted by the Rt Hon Lord Llangattock who, accompanied by W Bro Marmaduke Tenant, JT Wordsworth, Chaplain, and Bro J H Taylor arrived in Merthyr by the 9.30 train. They were met at the station by W Bro G F Harris, who accompanied them to Quakers Yard by the next train. Here the carriage of Bro W Jenkins of the Ocean Colliery awaited them, and they were driven to Bargoed House’.





The report continues with the Installation of the Master, the presenting of the Founders Jewels, and that a successful banquet was held afterwards at which 70 Masons attended.

The first Lodge Meetings were held in a room over a chemist shop on the Square in Treharris, known as Thomas’s Assembly Rooms. They continued to meet there for many years, until they were forced to seek larger premises, eventually moving into the Bank Room at the Public Hall in Treharris.


Fforest Lodge proved to be then, and still is for that matter, a very popular Lodge, so much so that on several occasions more Brethren attended than could be comfortably accommodated and urgent consideration was given to seeking larger premises elsewhere. At a Lodge Meeting on 14th January 1909, it was resolved that a committee be formed to investigate this rather pressing matter.

The committee set about their task with alacrity and dedication, and 9th June, 1910, is a red-letter day in the history of the Lodge, for it was on that day that the Foundation Stone of the new building was laid on the Williams terrace site, This ceremony was duly carried out in accordance with Masonic custom and tradition, and on 11th May 1911, the Temple was Consecrated by the provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Lord Llangattock, who was presented with a gold key for the opening ceremony an honour which he generously conferred due to the enormous efforts of W.Bro D Myrrddin Williams who gave his time and effort to the new Temple, the reported cost was £1.000.



Over the past Century the lodge has under gone many transformation's, most notably in July of 1988 when an infestation of dry rot closed the lodge for almost a year with many members giving up there time to help out with repairs and fund raising events to help cover costs, almost every part of the lodge had to be replaced, if it wasn’t for the dedicated and selfless acts of the Brethren, the lodge would never have reopened.

The lodge however did open its door again in the April of 1989, the lodge undoubtedly owes each and every member of this period a huge amount of Gratitude and thanks for their hard work, dedication and endeavour.

Another notable date in the history for Fforest lodge was July 2015 after securing grants from the local authority and funds raised by Fforest lodge themselves the lodge is to undergo extensive building work to the interior and exterior of the lodge which is hoped will recapture the magnificent sight of 1896, the building work is hoped to be completed by the end of 2015.